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Naty’s Coffee

We are a small family business with a passion for coffee. We produce and sell Ethiopian coffee, which is more than a hot drink… it is a pleasure, that you will remember. Every sip of coffee is the result of many years of work, determination and distance of nearly seven thousand kilometers.
Welcome and discover the world of Ethiopian coffee.


About the brand

The Naty’s Coffee represents the true value of coffee in Ethiopia as a national wealth. The image of young girl symbolizes the spirit of hospitality and centuries-old custom in which young girls roast, grind and serve coffee in families under watchful eyes
of mothers and grandmothers.

Naty's Coffee

Finest coffee

100% Arabica

Original / Ethiopia

Medium Roast

400g / 200g

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Naty's Coffee. The best of Ethiopia!

Our coffee represents the true value of the earth and an exceptional gift of nature.

Welcome and discover the world of Ethiopian coffee.

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Customers Reviews

Best Coffee 'ive ever tries
Vynikající káva, rozhodně se pro ni budu vracet. 🙂
One of the best Ethiopian taste. Naty's Coffee!